Thursday, July 21, 2022

My guidelines for picking out games to play here

Previously, I've been a bit loose about the rules I set for games I play, so much so that I don't seem to have written them down anywhere. I had better change that.

The primary objective of what I set out to play is FPS games, that is, a first-person game imitating ground combat controlling a single humanoid character who has a selection of weapons that shoot things far away. Use of vehicles is okay, but playing entirely inside a vehicle is not. This is how I planned things out back when I had the list idea. Since I decided to pick up on related shooter genres, I decided on any game that focuses on shooting, has free real-time movement, backtracking through a level, and you can shoot in any direction. You don't have to do any of this, you just need the option.
What I'm more or less trying to play are FPS games, and games that are like FPS games but have a different perspective or are set in a vehicle. And for the genres of shoot 'em ups, light gun games and rail shooters, because I tend not to enjoy a lot of them, I have tried to avoid their inclusion. That said, I have included some, mostly on the basis of seeming interesting or being one of the few that I remember enjoying.
Games where the shooting aspect is a limited number of times per game do not apply.
I suspect in the future I'll have more caveats here to cut down on the chaff.

I do not play multiplayer only games with a select handful of exceptions. Even then, these multiplayer only games are just me playing against the AI.

I don't mind unreleased titles or a shareware release where the full finished game doesn't exist, within reason. I also don't mind mods, but I'm not really going out of my way to play them.

I do not care about which language a game is in, except if the game has a complex storyline or another reason why I actually need to understand the language. While I am learning Japanese and plan to learn a few more, I do not plan on learning most languages. Some I'll try if they're close enough to languages I actually understand, but no promises.

If a game is obviously going to get under 10 points, I'm probably not going to cover it. This isn't about avoiding infamous trash as much as its about avoiding games where there's nothing to say.

Because there are quite a few games where you're in a car and shoot things, I'm going to cover a limited number of racing games. Since this is a bit of a tangent, I'm going for interesting or ones in series that are part of the car combat genre.

Every October I play survival horror games. Survival horror as a term has been so misused the term has lost quite a bit of meaning, so since I'm going to be playing Slenderman and Clock Tower, despite being a stealth game and an adventure game respectively, I'll also be playing stuff like Bioforge and whatever else uses the Resident Evil-style "cinematic camera". Of which I am sure there are quite a few titles I've missed. And some other vaguely related games that at the very least capture the spirit of what survival horror is.

I've also put up my game list in a Google docs link, below the games by year link. Its only 100% accurate for the near upcoming years. Of note is that I don't really have a good source for Japanese-only games I suspect when the time comes when Japanese games are more prominent I'll go to GameFAQs for console titles, but PC titles are a mystery. I've found Japanese made spreadsheets for some computers, but even compared to GameFAQs it feels like I'm taking some guy at his word for a lot more than its worth. Other things of note:

  • Some arcade titles are listed on a port simply because I didn't know how to use MAME at the time.
  • I have a lot of ports on the list. Generally speaking, I tried to add ports that were interesting in some way, or were for games I was definitely interested in seeing all the different versions of. Some of these aren't going to survive.
  • Just because a game is on my list doesn't mean I'll end up blogging about it. I can't tell you what 1982 originally looked like, but if I put all the games I originally wrote down together, it would probably equal what 1983 is right now.
I appreciate requests and mentions of games I have missed. At most I only have a short description and some screenshots to describe a game, and oftentimes that has ended up being wrong.

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