Monday, August 26, 2019

Spear of Destiny: The End

I feel both wistful and not wistful. I'd quote something from the lyrics of Black Sabbath - After All (The Dead) but that wouldn't make any sense.
Hitler's face right outside the door. Lovely. Naturally, this level starts off with two SS that alert everyone else on the level. Except for those officers soon after that think its a good idea to ambush you. Kickass music though, first new track in forever. Enemies everywhere. Enemies hiding in a single square room containing a portrait of Hitler. Enemies hiding behind purple walls, blue walls, not red walls. Red walls would be weird. This level has no mercy, so now I gotta screw around finding some secret wall or something. Because you cannot win without more ammo. Did you know that the oldest employee at iD software* got the coveted Hag Spot, of which they were then allowed to expose their wisdom? Apparently his knowledge of the '70s frightened the other employees, and his name has been lost to time.
So there are two secret areas at the start, with just enough health and ammo to ease me through this difficult part. This is supposed to be some kind of rampart, with all the mutants hiding in the single square rooms. Most of these rooms are traps, except for the two that have a key. The problem is that the regular alert enemies open the door to the exit and alert all those goodies. So you've got to fight twenty or so mutants and others while on low health and ammo. This level would be so simple if it weren't for that. Even with that I manage to actually beat the par time.
Almost there...almost there! Guardian of the Spear. Gatling right outside the door. Ammo and health too. A sign fro John Romero that this level is going to be hard. I like the layout of this level, it actually follows the previous level's design! Imagine that! Anyway, the Death Knight is literally right behind the door of the starting area. Thanks, Romero. Getting squashed the first time, I make a mad dash outside the Death Knight's arena and his little mutant goons. Behind there are a horde of officers, but ammo, and health! Enough to be an actual stockpile! This level just turned real easy. After this, its just a matter of getting his goons before he can get you. He takes a lot of bullets, but he goes down...eventually. There's a secret, but that's just for completionists.
That leaves us the Spear...A simple implement, due to it being a Roman Centurian's spear. I wonder what's going to happen when I take it? A triumphant interlude plays before the music turns to a different track. I appear to be in hell. I sense Doom was never far from their minds after all. The final boss is the Angel of Death, who isn't terribly challenging by himself, he only throws orbs at you, you can dodge orbs. No, the problem is all the wisps wandering around, contact hurts you and they never die. Just what I always wanted. Health is slightly scarse...from a certain point of view, but ammo is plentiful.
Looks like the score counter wasn't the only thing I broke.
A little cutscene goes on at the end to tell you how you beat the Angel of Death, nearly died and how the president thinks you're a neat person who deserves a medal. An interesting twist would be that he thinks you only deserve a Purple Heart.

And so, with that, we have discovered prove that God is real and Christianity is the only way to love in the Wolfenstein universe. This would also mean that Keen Dreams likely takes place in some kind of hell, and that Doomguy may very well be the second coming of Christ. Now we only have to discuss how good or terrible Spear is.

Final Score: 1744000

*At the time.

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