Thursday, November 14, 2019

Catacomb Abyss: Nemesis

You know what? I've milked this one out long enough.
Battleground of the Titans:
Starts off with a scroll: "The key to your salvation lies in the grips of death." Thanks, minion of Nemesis, for that helpful information. What this means is that the key to the level exit is behind a crapton of trolls and demons. Central area, or the way out, has a little treasure and two demons and two trolls. On the west side, demons, east, trolls. This is the only level that I can see the demons on the mini-map. I can see them without feeling like I'm looking at Stygian Blue. They got like ten of them, it slows down DOSBox at base speed. This is about the only time the hourglass is useful, and that's only because the hordes are absolutely surrounded with treasure. You can destroy the key, too, if you aren't careful.
The Coven of Mages:
Hmm, portals, is there anything this game can't do? I guess the included tax software is a little out of date. This is another one of the levels with the Satanic images. This one's a bit goofier, having a bright blue painting every other wall tends to do that. We also get the final new enemy, the Eyeball, or the Evil Eye. They're basically tougher mages with weaker attacks.
The level itself is divided in six areas. The first, of course, being the starting area in which you can go through five portals.
1)Citadel of the Mages is a room divided into two with a bunch of little side corridors. It also has a scroll: "The Evil Nemesis lies beyond the tangled web of the Mages." I am not responsible for that capitalization. Some treasure and a wise little first encounter with the Evil Eye.
2)Subwall passages is exactly what you think it is, a series of passages filled with treasure and enemies. Not any breakable walls, just a weird L-like shaped area.
3)Antechamber before the Altar starts off with you getting mobbed by mages, no doubt in an event that will cause you to destroy some of the nearby treasure. There's a locked door here and I don't have any keys.
4)The Room of Walls, a weird hallway with a series of walls. Its not a maze, its just weird. Will this wall have treasure or enemies? Both? That would be a question if the enemies didn't all awake when you entered the room.
5)The Long Passages of Discipline. Its a long passageway, its got a key and a hallway you enter in the middle. This would be annoying in Doom. At one end is the key and at the other an Evil Eye hiding behind a chest. Did I mention they can shoot from behind chests? There are torches on the wall here and they have the purple wall textures.
Back at the Antechamber, I reach Decision Point. A big chunk of Nemesis portraits that I'm sure don't explode or anything. The decision is about which wall you explode first. The smaller ones, with less treasure, or the big one, which you will absolutely destroy the treasure in. The big one also leads to the Altar of the All-Seeing Eye, which has an eyes in front of it.
The level exit is proceeded by a bunch of walls with the exploding wall texture. They don't explode, they just look like it.
The Inner Sanctum:
You know that one maze section where you have to get out of a gradually bigger square? That's the intro to this level. Except this level has the red demons. They're just like the previous ones, except they eat more punishment. Around five zappers. Abyss missed an opportunity to have more diverse enemy packs, and this does show. Well, not here, there's some more mysteriously appearing skeletons. This level wouldn't be bad if it weren't for explosions. That must be why I like death metal so much. There's also a hourglass hidden behind some demons, like I'm going to be using that. There's really clever encounter here where someone you don't expect shows up.
The Haunt of Nemesis:
This one starts off with a grand, epic room. There are two exits out of this room. One, with fifty mages in it, and another, with fifty red demons in it. There are more behind some chests on either side. Those wear down your supplies, so if you used up all your zappers on the previous level, you're screwed. I didn't, I only used like fifty. Exterminators are also very in-demand. And Nemesis just shows up behind a breakable wall. He takes twelve zappers. Twelve. I thought it was a fake at first, it was so surprising.

The Passage to the Surface:
This level is basically just an interactive credits sequence. Interactive isn't the right word, its just something you walk through. The cheats are also here, and no, I'm not telling them to you, if you're that lazy cheat elsewhere. You do need the level select cheat to reach the secret levels. Will I tell you about those?

Secret Levels:
They're really lame. They take everything that was good about the game and remove it.

Now, its time to stop stalling and talk about what I really think.

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