Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Alone in the Dark 2 - CD Woes

Zombie Carnby is not as terrifying as one might think

How am I going to get out of this cell? From a friend, this had kind of been built up as some really difficult to do task. Okay, there are three possible use locations...and I don't have that many items...why not the hook? Well, that was that.

Can't even grab the swords

Once outside, the room was empty. The upstairs was empty. Everything was empty. It was almost like I did nothing at all. Even the door outside was still locked. As I walk toward the kitchen, disaster strikes.

Its the lifting effect again, so spooky

Its Elisabeth Jarret, doing something to Carnby. I swear her laughing sound effect was reused in the Looney Tunes games.

Zombie Carnby is not a joke and won't stand for this
Uh, and then Carnby was a zombie? Grace is hidden off in the distance, so that means its time once again to control her. This is a stealth section, but it doesn't seem that bad right off. Behind the starting area is a guard, and I have to get really close before he notices.

Carnby looks pretty dead here, which seems counterproductive to the zombie thing
I don't know what this ending screen is about, but I'm sure it isn't good. The thing about Grace is, she's annoying to control. The rhythm to get her running is different and her actions are...weird, to say the least. The game tells you her first option is open/search but it seems to just perform random actions, including a kick that isn't going to do anything. She can also push...supposedly.

Just give it a good kick
New to this area is a car...once again more assets that would be reused in Looney Tunes. There's a guard beyond the gate that only notices me within a certain distance. I appreciate not having to jack up my brightness to see things, but this feels silly. So I go around bobbing the damn thing with random actions until randomly I kick the trunk and a zombie gangster comes out.

Although it might be a reskin of the car from the original
The gangster drives like 50 yards and then gets out. Is that a joke? I'm asking. I'm asking that. Technical limitations or joke, it could go either way. There are some gangsters dancing. They approach whenever they're aware of me. That's not a problem, I have a wide berth from them. This area's so wide that they instituted invisible walls of a kind. The game will say you're lost and the death sequence happens.

It could just be a weird pole, I dunno

There are two places of interest, well, places of interest that aren't infested with guards. A flag and a tree that looks like I can enter. I found a ball inside the car earlier...somehow, and using that on the flag causes a statue to rise out of the ground. At this point, the game's gone off the rails. At this point I don't know what's going on or what to do, so I check a walkthrough. Only the walkthrough I checked last time didn't mention this. Nor do most of them. I'm guessing this was some section added to the CD version. Real glad they added this part. Very useful.

Not pictured, lost, off to the right

So, the thing I have to do is get the item near the gangsters. Since whenever I approach from the mansion side, the gangsters spot me, and I can't run. I obviously have no safe area to approach opposite the house, since whenever I walk slightly past one section that obviously has a gangster within spitting range, the game tells me I'm lost. I'm not lost, what the hell are you on about? This is a stupid puzzle in a game with dozens of stupid puzzles.

Is this a joke?

Wanna know how you get the item near the gangsters? Just walk up to it from the car. No trying to be stealthy, no cleverness. Just walk up to that hook and walk back away. Then use the hook on the statue and another zombie captures Grace. There's no point to any of this sequence, it might as well have not happened.

Elisabeth, you're looking awfully old here, or at least unwell

Then we get another villain backstory, Elisabeth tells of how she went to Haiti, learned hate from the plantation master, voodoo from a slave, then killed the master.

Just lie Elisabeth Jarret was, now Carnby is in gaal
Then it lines up with One-Eye Jack's backstory, she manipulates him into attacking the Flying Dutchman, which is actually a legitimate ship for some reason. Now they're immortal so long as they sacrifice a young girl every 100 years. Weird plan, but I'm not a voodoo sorcerer. Then she disappears and I can control Grace again. Jesus, that was the longest hour of this game, and I'm only halfway through it. Please let this game improve soon.

Total Time: 8 hours

This Session: 1 hour

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