Thursday, February 25, 2021

Game 46: Spitfire Ace

Name:Spitfire Ace
Genre:Flight Sim
Time:1 hour

Is it that time once again? I want to make it clear, that despite my issues with their flight sims, I like a lot of Microprose's games. At least, I liked the simulation games. Not vehicle simulations, character simulations. Sword of the Samurai, Covert Action, Pirates. There's not really anything else to call those. They're not neat little games to pigeonhole like so many other games. Today's game doesn't look like one of the better games. Originally it came out in 1982, but the C64 version, which I'll be playing, came out in 1984. Its anyone else's guess where this comes out in the flight sim lineage.

Its exactly the same as the previous Microprose flight sims. Except instead of the Migs you can't mention the codename of or a Mitsubishi, its a Stuka. Well, I won't waste your time or mine-
What's this black magic? AVOID? Is this actually going to be a deadly serious avoid or can I pull the typical Morpheus flight sim ace skills by shooting everything down?
What the hell even was this crap? I try my darnest to shoot the thing down, and nothing happens. This is worse than things were before.

I'm just assigning this the same score as Hellcat Ace, 5. Because they're effectively the same game, except with different music. I didn't say a lot about it, but then, there's nothing to say about it.

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