Sunday, July 14, 2019

Wolfenstein 3D: Episode V

We stopped Otto Giftmacher but his evil plans are still in motion. We must capture the plans. That means more enemies to kill and maim, and more secrets to discover!
E5M1, hey, a new wall texture. I like it. A new picture of Hitler on the walls, this time making sense? Oh, iD, you shouldn't have. Did you guys put meth in the art department's coffee again? Very difficult level. There's not a lot of health starting out, so if you aren't careful you'll get gunned down. There's clever enemy placement, two enemies hiding in different positions after a corner in a narrow passage.
E5M2, I like levels that don't start off with enemies down your throat. It makes you cautious, because you know either Romero or Hall have put down some unspeakably evil trap to kill you. Unloading a single round at a time in a new room, until you hear a thousand German voices cry out in anger. This is going to be good or bad. There's a neat little killing zone set up on this level full of SS. Its nothing but an ammo drain, but it feels nice to get through. Treasure is perhaps not worth the reward for the effort, but then, most large enemy zones aren't guarding much treasure.

E5M3, nice, simple. A real easy level. Nothing complex, nothing obnoxious. Dogs are finally appearing in front of ranged enemies, providing them with protection.

E5M4, another level with the exit within easy reach. Or at least it is if you wake up the guards in the exit room. That's something you'd think would be fixed in testing.

E5M5, still feeling like easy mode. It's not a terrible layout, but it's not great either.
E5M10, this one's very short and a little low on health items. I like it, corridors full of treasure feel very much like a secret level to me.
E5M6, still not much of a challenge, but boy, this is a neat level. The outside wall is dirt, so it feels kinda like you're entering an underground base from a cave.
E5M7, gee, a cross shape when you enter the level, I wonder what this is supposed to be. I actually do like the constant spamming of the Swastika in this game, having a symbol constantly appear creates familiarity and thus a realistic atmosphere in my opinion. First death in a while happened here, not because of any difficulty, but because I didn't see the enemy until it was too late. And hey, what's this, another new wall texture? Why you shouldn't have. Brown marble? Who makes a wall out of brown marble? Who even makes brown marble?

E5M8, a bit difficult, but nothing noteworthy.

E5M9, another boss. Because of the way the area is built, she's never far away from cover, meaning there's nothing really challenging here.

Death count: 5
Score: 773900

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