Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Shadowcaster: Flesh, Blood & Bone

Its extra fun time now. The final chapter.
Time to redistribute some weapons from the less useful forms to the more useful forms. Grost is going to have some fun penetrating things. Unfortunately, it seems that lighting these levels is going to prove to be a losing battle. The Caun can increase light, but it lasts so short I didn't bother again. This area also tries to psych you out with some scenic mushrooms, compared to the lethal Shrooms from earlier.
There are a lot of snakes, and they prove to be very difficult to cut down. The trident has a very wide damage ability. Which means it could do between 3 and 12 points of damage, plus the Grost's modifier. That means a lot of variation in damage.
Still, I shall miss this place. Its been a while since I've gotten past this, I wonder what's going to...
Ah, its a gorey internals kind of level. This level is pretty good, though. It has the exact feel of someplace I don't want to be in. Which is what you want your "inside the human body" level to be. Underwater there's this giant fish that eats a lot of damage and dishes it out likewise. I explore a bit further, but after seeing no land in the area, I guess I'm going back to the level start. I guess I can regenerate while treading water. Perfect.
The further section of the level continues the great theme of disgusting architecture. Then there's a frigging Opsis. I wasn't expecting him. He eats up a ton of magic damage too. Glad to see I'm starting off this section right. With two freaking regeneration waits. There's going to be more of them, I know it. They're going to just eat things up.

I bring the trident back to the Kapha and then clear out the water. When I have reach and physical damage, they're surprisingly easy to kill. It looks like this is sort of a repeat of the Seaking's level. That's good news for me. I notice another Opsis when I sneak up to get a look around.
Topping off, I search through the section to the east briefly, revealing another Opsis. That's like three! Yeah. You literally can't hit them on the ground, so I take him out with the Ssair's claws. Not sure what the rest of the level's gonna be, but I'm going to clear out the rest first.

The level ends up being two very connected together sections, the underwater, and the overwater. Most of the overwater part turns out to be slightly useless. Not much point to one pocket except a single Opsis. I find a heart beating on the ceiling in on area, killing it makes it drop a blood crystal. Probably a puzzle of some kind.
Back at the section to the east, a new kind of flying enemy, a pterodactyl. I didn't see the accuracy stat they have. Works less well in this game than in Morrowind if you can believe that. The blood crystal can be used on the pillars that are here, but I don't know the connection yet.
The second section, of the level, with walls of souls, I guess. It looks awkward in motion, but other than that, it isn't entirely bad. Entirely. There are skeletons here. They're not hard to kill, its nice to kill them agian. Then, there are more pterodactyls. They throw out thousands of the fireballs. How do you know if one's spotted you? You're dying. Grost can't hit them, but he's the only one who can take their damage. That's nice. Its twenty minutes of fun.
Here, there's a stone sword. Just hanging around. While I looked it up in the manual, I discovered I can hit them as Grost....with earthquake. Right. Stone sword goes on a statue on the other side of this section. Its in an area that's constantly shooting fireballs. Well done, guys, I mean that. Well done. There, I get the second crystal. Flesh, to be exact.
Section the third. Its a bunch of skeletal walls. I feel like the last section should have been that. There was a big old group of skeletons. Put a smile on my face. Here there's a mix of skeletons and pterodactyls. One earthquake takes 'em out...eventually. With that knowledge this level becomes a cakewalk. Isn't easy on my energy reserves, but hey. A chest containing two potions and another wand round out my arsenal.
With all three crystals, I can find out where to next. Its just a random thing in the middle of the room. Okay, then. Awkward place to leave off, but there we go.

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