Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Shadowcaster: The Werewolf Lord's Funny Creatures

Man, this level never seems to end. Three doors, which way do I go?
They've got a nice jogging position, I wonder if there was a model for them...
Left, two werewolves. Of course it is. I don't mind the fighting as much as I mind the waiting.
Is this supposed to be blood? Good job. I thought I could pick it up.
Oh...man, no wonder my strongest memory is of these fellows. Well, I have full mana at least, might as well use it.
Okay, this is suspicious. Another door behind that one. What are you people planning?
Their dark chamber is a library full of books you can't really use. There are around a half dozen red cloaks with one or two blue cloaks. I WILL DRINK FROM THEIR SKULLS. Uh, I mean...I WILL USE THE CLOAKS AS TISSUE PAPER! MUAHAHA!
There are no other books here
Your reward for all this? A book that mentions that there are pools that can regenerate mana. I don't know if there's any other use for it. Might as well dump this stuff into the Caun's inventory. Not like he's going to need all these wands...At this point it crashes again. Why is this all of a sudden so unstable? Curiously, this happens again, but at least this time I saved.
Back a level, I go to the place that crashed for me before. There turns out to be not much point to this. The area contains two red cloaks, and a chest containing a journal that detains someone going mad. I had to repeat this three times, firstly, because once again it crashed on the level transition. Second time it was instead me getting slaughtered. Joy.
It was a long journey back to the blue dungeon, which was the only area I had untouched. Another attempt at a surprising combat, or is it no longer a surprise, even in the developers minds?
Well, I guess they are capable of surprises. Six enemies in one place is a surprise, I admit. Okay, what's in the next room? A couple of werewolves in the hallway? Fine, what's...
HAHAHAHAHA! He got stuck. Why, yes, I will cheese this thing. I couldn't be luckier.
One thing that I should point out, is that while the sounds that are there are good, there's usually no indication that someone is attacking you from behind. This guy snuck up on me as I looted an Obelisk Tip and Staff of Power off his fromer Werewolf Lord.
The loot in these rooms is amazing. Well, not this room. In another, there's a crystal of light and a chalice of power. I imagine these will give me some useful things.
Now this obelisk tip and obelisk must go together. Which gives me...
Opsis. I guess these beholder things are Opsis? This creature has many powers, most of which are ranged damage attacks. It can fly too. Maybe some of these powers are useful. You know how much I've prattled on about how useful the Caun's powers are. I think I mentioned them four times, one of which is jumping higher and one of which is regenerating health.
These would be the Cauns, it gets really dark here
The next level is the Boar Lord's Mines, where Veste, not Vestor, is getting material wealth for some reason. The gist, that I misunderstood the first time around, is that Veste is the servant of the dark one.
So easy, I can do it with my eye closed
But first, short combat, in what I guess is intended to test out the player's usage of the Opsis's abilities. Boy, they sure killed a lot of Maorin.
Thus, I leave you here, an obelisk has risen, to indicate that I've cleansed that level, so to speak. Next, I shall start to cleanse the Boar Lord's levels.

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