Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Game 81: Korean Dungeon Boy

There are like three different things that COULD be a title screen, I chose this one
Name:Korean Dungeon Boy / Chorongi-ui Moheom
Publisher:Computer War System Soft
Developer:Computer War System Soft
Time:1 hour

What a title. What a company name. What a game. I guess they chose the right name, since System Soft and Soft System were/are taken. With a name like Korean Dungeon Boy, I'd think it was some cheap knockoff with a different name, but no, that's the original name. What is Korean Dungeon Boy? Its another Monster Maze-clone. Before I begin, I'd just like to talk about how this game emulates. Most games emulate in a typical window, about 640x400, this instead decides it wants to be something like the size of my screen, vertically. You can tell it from the screenshots, but it makes actually playing the thing a chore.

Behold, scenic wall
We're already starting off in a poor state, and the controls don't give one much confidence. Moving around is done with the arrow keys, but selecting items is done with the function keys, F1, F2, F3 control items, and F4,F5,F6 control weapons. Might just be F4 and F5, when I used F6 it crashed. You then activate them with enter and fire with space bar. Press the function key again to deactivate it, or press a different function key. Curiously, the map and the flashlight, without which the entire map is dark, can be turned on and off. I guess there's a reason for it, but if I could get to level 8 or so without running out of flashlight juice, you don't need to toggle it. That turns the game pitch black, which is an improvement I think.
Items are visible up-close, but question marks far away
Combat is done through a reticle controlled by the arrow keys, you can't move and shoot. The slingshot is weaker than the laser pistol, but there's more ammo. Enemies come in various shades from generic, to abomination. Probably the best thing about this game, if I do say so. Its not completely terrible, but that doesn't mean good. Its a lot better than previous "control the reticle" games I've played, but that's not saying much. Games with 0 points exist after all. Items, mostly ammo and batteries, can be picked up as you go along, along with addition time.
Hey, the PC is screaming at this thing, I never noticed
As to be expected, the gameplay consists of shooting things and navigating a maze. The goal is to find the exit, and your opposition isn't always easy. Your health meter is pretty big, its the thing that wraps around the game world. I managed to make it to level 8 before biting it. Despite being an inherently weak game, they do try to be clever. I was seeing bizarre enemies and trick doors when I reached the end of it. Its just not something that makes you excited.
I wonder where this place is supposed to be
Two guns, just with different damage values. 1/10

Generic enemies with one interesting one. 1/10


Clever mazes, but still mazes. 1/10

Player Agency:
Takes a bit to get used to the item selection, and the shootings awkward, but the movement itself is perfect. 2/10



I have to give this a zero simply because the game wouldn't display properly for me. 0/10

I have no idea. 0/10

I don't know what kind of sound is coming from my speakers, but I know I don't like it. 0/10

That's 5. Not exactly a shock. An early Korean title was never going to set the world on fire. It could have been worse. There are no other reviews to my understanding.

Next up, the long awaited, at least in my mind, Cybercon III.

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