Saturday, June 5, 2021

The Sentinel: Landscaping the Galaxy

Landscape 118, back to two Sentinels. Curiously, I think if I handle this one right, I could get to a peak without ever touching either Sentinel. I turned out to be wrong, but I did discover that if I take out the highest Sentinel first, I win, which was a shock here, because I was wondering what the heck the problem was when I couldn't do anything to the other Sentinel.

Landscape 136, back to three. Huh, that didn't take long at all. This is a very open level. Its also a very easy level, because I make it out with nearly 40 units of energy. I could stand more than a few levels like this one. Its worth mentioning that I'm treating this like a coffee break game now. A level here, a level there. This doesn't do wonders for me getting through the game, but this is a precursor to the kind of game you shouldn't be playing hours at a time.

Landscape 173, five. Five Sentinels. Its something that tripped me up at first, since I wasn't sure if I could handle five on a level. This level doesn't make it easy, assuming there is an easy way to make a five Sentinel level. You start off in an area that will be under Sentinel attack soon enough, but sooner, the area you have to head to next starts off under Sentinel attack. After that, while I was under some energy pressure, and I was forced to teleport, I mange to take out a couple of Sentinels. From there its snooze-ville.
Landscape 209, wait one? What's the trick, because this landscape looks like any other at this point. Well, the trick is that there's barely any energy here and you need to make a tower of boulders, then spawn a replica. This is tricky even if you know what you're doing. The bad news is that this means I'm not blazing through levels anymore.
Landscape 213, the land is a new color and its four now. Again. This level starts off tricky again. You're in a corner, only one Sentinel has you in his sights, true, but there's no way up from here and you need to go around a corner, there, the rest of the Sentinels. Here I get my first death. Its not that impressive, just a fade screen and then a Sentinel. This level is hard. For a long time you don't have any real way of getting higher besides stacking boulders, which costs you precious energy. With four Sentinels, you rarely have more than seconds to advance to the next location. Then the difficulty just disappears when you take out the lower three Sentinels. I still have to stack boulders to reach the top Sentinel though, and I'm really not caring for that.
Landscape 231, down to two. The map leads me to think this level is another slog to the Sentinels, then easy street. There's no cover here, seemingly. It turns out I was wrong. It starts off like its going to be like the last level, then it turns into a relatively easy climbing session. Oh, there's no cover, but its still easy. I don't even need to make a boulder tower. I'm back to blazing through levels at least.
Landscape 252, uh oh, one. Actually there's nothing to fear here, its a really safe level. The start is a bit trippy, since you're right in his sight, but after that I was just waiting for the other shoe to drop. Considering this kind of game, having easy levels once in a while is a boon. What, you're going to replay an earlier one? Hahahahahahahaha.
Landscape 277, three, very bumpy looking. It starts off like the last, with you in the sights of a Sentinel, during which you have to put down a boulder and a replica in a tight space, followed by finding a space for your next replica that's safe for the moment. The difficulty drops off severely once you get past that. The highest Sentinel is in a corner, so that makes things a bit easier.
Landscape 300, four and surprisingly, I thought the code for this level wasn't working. Which does bring up an interesting point, presumably all 10,000 levels weren't tested, but did they test all the codes? This looks like a fairly mundane level at first. Which it is. It doesn't start off with you under attack and I manage to avoid attack until I'm in a position to take out three of the four Sentinels. I wonder if this is because this level was actually designed or not. I dunno.
Landscape 328, five or maybe six. Also, new colors, and this one looks like its difficult. Lots of flat areas, but all the Sentinels are on top of mountains. Despite the simplistic graphics, I really like the look and feel of this game. Kind of like a cheap Star Trek set. The level itself isn't as difficult as I give it credit for, attack at the start, once I'm out it gets easy. Interestingly enough, I don't take out all of the Sentinels, one I didn't see attacks me as I'm reaching the top one.

This Session: 1 hour 30 Minutes

Total Time: 4 hours 00 minutes

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