Thursday, July 8, 2021

Cyber-Cop: Reborn

As I plug through these rough, early FPS titles, I come to a realization about why I was doing what I was doing. These are rough to go through these days. Case in point, Corporation, nice concept, bad execution, and as a result, I said it was unplayable today. Now, its time for Corporation on Genesis, here known as Perplexing. I must admit, like so many games, I don't care. Its been pointed out that I am brutal towards games, a fair point, but I just haven't gotten to talking much about games I do like. Today is not that day.

Cyber-Cop starts with the scroll of what was in the original's manual. Take your pick on which option is better. Music is cool, but the instrumentation sounds questionable. I guess that's either Genesis music or Genesis emulation for you. The menu, which thankfully isn't mouse controlled, offers me new game and options, but its really options which I want, because that's the place creating characters and loading the game is. I'm going to be using savestates, since I'm lazy.

Huh, this seems, blurry. Is my eyesight going? I've got a headache today, which is just how my week is going to begin with. Not hangover headache, stress headache. No armor, but the rest of the options are the same, gun, explosives, various items I don't understand. If you don't remember, I didn't make much progress and I don't understand how many items work.

The game begins. As could be expected, its mostly like the PC versions, but with one key, but very helpful option, autoaim. You can't do the original's control scheme on consoles, and the amount of aiming I had to do with less than ideal controls was definitely a flaw. Autoaim is a necessary sacrifice if the game actually plays decently. One point against, the game has no pause button to my knowledge. I also didn't know where my emulator's pause function was at first.

Aha! A robot...and he's dead. I said it starts like the PC versions, but its pretty clear the game is different at this point. I'm next to a room full of pillars, there are items on the floor, and its not yet confusing. Its like 10 minutes, but it isn't confusing yet. I'm not digging the music though. It sounds like a Flash Gordon rip-off and it seems to have something like a gunshot in it. That's very distracting.

And I quickly get killed. I have no idea what killed me. I couldn't see anything, despite looking around. I guess the game is intended to be a live fast, die fast thing. Oh, I just didn't get the option to buy armor because I purchased other things. Good, good. I think I figured out why though, on my second attempt, I missed the first robot, guess what? He's going in and out of cover, like he's a competent enemy! This is already a better experience than the PC version.
I haven't had much cause to use the inventory yet, but its not great. The menu is operated by the left and right on the d-pad, B selects things. B does everything. The flaw, is that you cycle through inventory items by pressing B on the in-game menu. Further compounding things, you cannot move and turn. If you try to do so you turn at a snail's pace.
Then I find a computer, and you know what? Its not that hard to operate. You use the left hand icon, and it activates the computer. Then you use the card you have on you to access functions. In theory you get the option to turn off the theory. I have no idea these are activated until a spiderbot drops on me. They're much less impressive here, least of all because they're not doing anything to me. Curiously, I also have an access level, which I guess functions as a key.
Its at roughly this point at which I die again. Not because I lost a fight, indeed, I bravely killed a robot guard with my fists. No, I died because I ran out of power, the juice that works with my gun. I guess the armor I chose was a poor one. I think I'm going to stop here for now. We're starting to see the same problem I had with the original, pointlessly meandering around the starting floor. At least here I have the option of savescumming, but I doubt I'll resort to that. No, I just have to change my armor. The real problem I'm seeing here is that I have no legitimate way of bypassing the alarm system. I have no way of getting cameras before they spot me and fighting the spiderbots is a real negative point. We'll see if this all ends up improving compared to the originals if I actually end up with another entry.

This Session: 30 minutes

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