Saturday, December 21, 2019

Bram Stoker's Dracula: Find Out Who He Really is

What can I say? Presented with four doors gives me a lot to question. Then I remembered I have an unused corridor. There has to be a key there.
Hmm, I thought I saw a red hat in there. Either a different bride or there's something funky going on in there. Anyway, corridor.
Another bride, a room full of nothing except another door. Which leads to the same, but with bullets. Is this going to be a really long daisy-chain? As an attempt to make the most out of the space on this floor?
Another spinner in a hallway. Gaaaah. Like usual, its not on its own, but with a bride and a werewolf. Fortunately, my theory about the corridor was correct. A lot of other stuff too. Now, I have to carry this stuff out of here. There goes another five minutes. Oh, and no wafers left now. Here's where there's a problem. I have two ruby keys and four ruby doors. Now, chances are this game isn't going to be cruel enough to screw me out of the game at this point. It'd be uncharacteristic. Its had plenty of time to do so. That means that none of the ruby keys are hidden behind a ruby door. They also can't be behind the unique locked door. Ergo, they must be behind the night door. This is the only thing that would make sense.
Let's try Ruby door no. 1. Just a bride hiding behind some curtains, nothing to see here. I also have an upstairs passageway which surely won't screw me over. What wonderful things await me here? Its just the outside. I guess I started in the crypt. Makes sense. Now, I wonder what's up here and how will it kill me?
This is going to be a fun time. What do they do? Oh, they're breakable floors. At least there's no monsters. This is absolutely going to return with monsters, isn't it? Gradually, I keep falling down, but uncover my path. I move the silver bullets into a place I can reach, and for some reason, each time I try to go to the exit, I fall down. Each square that advances my path at the very end breaks away. Okay, I guess I've got to move along a corner, fair enough. That works, and as I go to the door that floor breaks away. This tile is against a wall on both corners leading to the door, rendering that strategy moot. Which means I'm screwed. I can't jump over it. Right, let's see what else is happening on this level.
So, I go to the third corridor. Wasn't there a locked one? The start, the spinner, the one leading to the series of rooms, now this. Guess I misremembered. Its got a puzzle, I guess, to get to two coffins and a piece of bread. I say puzzle, but I solved it without really thinking about it, or even doing much of anything. Its almost completely pointless to do anything here at this moment. I don't have any wafers. So, once again I go back, this time I try another door that doesn't have monsters trying to beat it down. A long passageway to a set of stairs is the answer. There's a bride behind a pillar, I think I'll find a route to there sometime soon.
As soon as go up, the music changes to the battle music. At first I think someone's snuck up behind me, but that turns out to be bunk. A bride far away changed the music. Maybe there's one behind me. Okay, then. My options are, a series of pressure plates or the path to the bride's coffin. Bride's coffin path only has the bride's coffin. So, series of pressure plates it is. This merely blocks my way back with a series of pillars. And the way forward involves killing two werewolves. The more I try to avoid screwing myself the more I screw myself.
Following a slapdash panic through the wolves, I find stairs down. There might be something else up there, I don't know. Hard to tell when you're trying not to die because you can't kill your enemies. In a rush, I dance through a couple of brides, nothing of interest to me right now in the main room here. Move my way into a side room, still nothing of interest, although there is another bride behind a door. I go in, hoping to find a side passage. I do, but there's bullets in it. There is a button though, can't make things any worse. It opens something, I didn't notice what it was the first time. Going out there...I find myself in the long corridor where I opened the ruby door. Wait, does that mean I can reach the bride I saw earlier? I can!
What's this? Some wafers? MUAHAHAHAHA! After sending some spirits to the great beyond and restocking my supplies, I have a question for myself. Do I go back up, dealing with the werewolves? Or do I go forward, hoping that by not killing the werewolves I'll have enough wafers to deal with whatever else is on this section? It's not that hard a question, so I go to open the needs an emerald key. As Gordon Freeman would say, its time to make some bullet donations.
The werewolves had nothing. Pretty sure. Emerald keys are hard to find on grass if you don't know where they are. On the other end of this section I found more brides had been released thanks to the series of plates. Still starts off with battle music. After a troublesome series of fighting, I find a button. This button opens a pillar that brings out a werewolf. Back to running and screaming it is, as I've used up my wafers again. Fortunately, the werewolf had the emerald key in front of his coffin. I return to the door, and note that my progress is now at 75%. The room contains a bride and a night key. So, I make my way back to the night door. Its got monsters behind it. I don't have wafers.
So I spend several minutes trying to figure out how to pass through the corner here. The one I gave up on at the start of this section. Out of desperation, I take that loose wafer from earlier and use it on the coffin below. Nothing of interest there. I try to take out all the useless floors. That's not going to do anything, but I figure it'll make things easier for me. It does do something. The path clears. I get stairs down, where upon I find a small corridor with another set of stairs up. This would make sense if the entire thing was in 3D, it just sounds weird because its a Wolfenstein-clone.
Then, madness. Four brides, a set of wafers in a tucked away corridor, quickly respawning enemies. I take more damage than I would like. At this point, that's any damage. The prize is worth it, a night key. Soon I shall be able to reach deeper into Dracula's Sanctum, where upon I shall find a ruby key...I hope. I draw out the brides so I can wafer their coffins in peace. Now, the next door. These were more difficult to draw out, so I just eat a little health loss. Now, the key...
The key? Where's the key? There's no key. I'm sorry, is there really a ruby key behind a ruby door? Do not tell me. Do not tell me. Maybe that easy puzzle? No, its not under the bread. Another switch? The key?
Stairs up. No wafers. 38 coffins, of which 30 can be up there. This looks to be the biggest of the four corner corridors. This leads me to a green corridor. I wonder where the enemies are-
Oh...this really is the biggest of the four. I guess I should get on that...There are just the four corner corridors up here. Two are labyrinthian puzzles full of enemies that I can't touch yet. At least they're brides and not werewolves. One is just there to fill the space, I didn't see anything there that would help me. Naturally I think I can assume there's some wafers there. Certainly not any wafers anywhere else on this section. Fortunately both of the puzzles have a ruby key at the end, so I take one of them now, after some panic, and come back later. Now I just have to figure out which door to use it on. This is certainly going to be a big question.

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