Thursday, December 19, 2019

Bram Stoker's Dracula: Round 2

Its time to take on Dracula again. Will he be victorious this time, or will the guy with the ability to save and reload win? This battle is too close to call.
After pressing a button near me last time, I seem to have discovered a way back to a different part of the level. Oh, good. How lost can I get?
After considerably less time than I predicted, I arrive back at the other gold door. The one I didn't open last time. Another werewolf, another quick finish. This is a rather confusingly designed room for a single enemy and no items or anything beyond another door. It requires a silver key. Good thing I put down one of the chicken legs.
Yet more fodder, and a surprising amount of bullets. Assuming I remember where I leave half of this stuff, I'm going to be loaded at the start of the next level. Minus wafers.
Upstairs I see a pirate blocking me from passing. His redead is quick and painless. But soon I see a key. A night key. Back to the start. But wait, I'm at four now. Where do I leave the final coffin? Deep in the confusing corridors? The one behind the pillars in the patio? Or this final place I haven't been? Never one to pass up a good cheesing opportunity, I shall leave the ones in the patio. First...
Ten thousand years later, I make my way back to the start. Its not that it was confusing, I just thought a different path would lead back there. The "final" coffin, in which I think this was the intended final coffin, has some useful items next to it, including a single wafer. How generous. Well, time to kill Dracula again.
Dracula this time takes the form of a Victorian gentleman...Looks Georgian to me, but what do I know?
Sure would be a shame if someone killed you in a way where you couldn't fight back. Yeah, this is cheap, but that's what Dracula gets for wasting my time so much. This time he has a new boss theme. Dracula gets a new boss theme, but the first two levels have the same theme?
The last level. We get a new wall texture and a new song. St. Andrews crosses on the wall. A door to my right, which is locked with a sun key. Two staircases in front of me. I suspect they'll lead to the same place. I don't have a choice then.
Are all the enemies going to be Dracula's brides? That's like 72 brides. Dracula supposed to be a Muslim? I mean, that isn't too off base, since last level we did have what appeared to be Arabic sailors...but I mean...huh, I'm overthinking it. Anyway, there were three, leaving me bereft of wafers and without an obvious door. I guess these things on the wall are doors, but they don't look like doors.
Well, that's a slight change in attitude. Without any wafers I end up fighting these two brides more than I should have. Fortunately, at the end of this spiral of pillars there's, in addition to ammo and a key, wafers. There should be like six more packs and some loose ones somewhere.
The sun door leads to a wide open hallway, one in which no obvious enemy lurks. Its too quiet. Especially with 67 coffins left. A few doors that need a ruby key. Going to be a lot of those, is there? The way this area works is that its a square shaped room, with a door leading to the center that requires a night key. This is where I'll find Dracula. There are doors on the flat part, and corridors on the corners.
I am interupted in my search by two brides and two werewolves. Brown again. Why not red? As I try to battle them, I find myself on a spinner. Joy, just unbridled joy. I die again, because these guys are packed in tight. New strategy, get them away from their coffins. Oh, I haven't saved since I started the level. Mughahaha.
After all that, I get nothing of much use to me right away. More ammo and health, they're behind the spinner, so I'll move it...a ruby key. Four doors, one key. I think I need time to ponder this. Hmm, the manual says I need four night keys to get to Dracula...Hmm...

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