Saturday, June 6, 2020

Catacomb Apocalypse: March of Time

Catacomb Apocalypse. Seems funny to play it so soon after the last game, but with my inability to advance in Galactic Empire, more of the same seemed a good idea. Story so far is Nemesis has returned, now he has control over time, and I have a beard. Just good, quality story telling. The manual does tell me that there's going to be invisible enemies, walls I can walk through, and an enemy I need to follow somehow in a maze.
Usual intro stuff, nice title sequence, and let's...that is nasty. Something about the HUD just makes me want to stop seeing entirely. If everything holds well, I should only be looking at this for a few hours total. Right, the way in front of me is locked, two obvious exploding walls to my sides hold other locked doors. That leaves...other options. Nemesis's pharaoh portrait looks like something.
Gremlins? Not the worst choice. They shoot magic attacks off, not missiles. Okay, bit strong for this serious. Key, zappers, cures. Is the other side the same?
Yes, except for the enemy. Spectres, the game calls them. Weren't those the bat things in Abyss? Fairly aggressive too, tough and shoot you when they die. Not exactly a good introduction to your game. So much for "don't need to play the others first". So I enter the northern door. Normal stuff so far. Except the enemies are getting placed in key positions, right in front of items I need. Great. I'm also back to thinking the enemies actually have AI, but no real conclusive evidence. Also, despite what you would think, the walls I can walk through stop magick missiles. Figure that out yourself.
The southern side is useless. Just a key, leading to another hallway. North is...Wizard's Garden. These are wizards? Okay, Big Jim and Mike. Whatever you say. As I kill more of the living in this Garden of the Dead, I get my first gem. Green, just the color of these "wizards". I find the door out, but lack the key. Another obvious walkable wall on the other side...I wish there wasn't a terrible name for these. Next level.
Wait, is this the Wizard's Garden? What? Which is the Wizard's Garden? Jim? Mike? I don't know what's going if you don't tell me. One locked door, and an obvious niche. Now what are these? Flies? Moths? Flying white ants? I was thinking what a good job you guys had done not reusing sprites. I was wrong.
Graveyard of Fallen Heroes. I miss the undead. Call me crazy, but that was a nice consistent group in these games. I'm not enjoying whatever the hell these things are. Behind one of them lied an empty chest. Not even treasure brings me joy. A breeze? What's this?
So...Egyptian really is the theme of this game. This specific Nemesis head blocks a vast treasure room, filled with enemies of course. In a side niche, I find the second gem. I dislike this giving me gems straight off, but what do I know about that, huh, Big Jim and Mike? I also have a blue key, but the only door near is a red one. Right, checking the graveyard again.
First wave here, a mix of wizards and moths. I dislike every enemy having a ranged attack, but otherwise have no issues. Second wave, behind the blue door are a squad of moths. Is that the only trick I'm going to see? Is every door going to hide twenty enemies? Right, red key, I assume this is the end of the level? It is, leading to what I assume is the time gate. Seems like as good as place as any to stop.

This Session: .5 hour

Total Time: .5 hour

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