Thursday, May 13, 2021

Game 67: Crossfire

Time:1 hour

While I am frequently not one to champion strongly the more arcade-ish titles, I can admit when one seems more interesting than the rest. Crossfire is a Sierra published clone of the arcade title Targ, which unsurprisingly never received a home port, but more surprising was how the game was one of the better-selling titles in 1980. The original concept is you play a car in a city taking down waves of aliens. There, you would duck away from these, constantly trying to shoot them. With a limited number of shots you sometimes have to pick up ammo, but otherwise it seems a typical game from the era.

Crossfire differs in a few respects, namely, the enemies shoot, and I'm not sure what music is in the original, but I'm sure it isn't very good. After the amount of time I allotted to the game was over I didn't feel anything about the game whatsoever. Its all just so very bland. Its one of those games where the only point to it is getting a higher score, and that's just not something I care for doing.

I don't feel like giving this game any points, it feels more like a proof of concept than anything else. I can't imagine willingly giving money to play this. Its just so aggressively bland.

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