Saturday, May 22, 2021

Game 70: Warp Warp

Name:Warp Warp
Time:1 hour

This week hasn't been so good for me for a multitude of reasons, both outside and inside the blog. I just haven't been feeling things this month. Maybe that's because the best game I've played was Bosconian. While it wasn't the best-rated game I've played this month, it was the one I had the most fun with. The Eidolon was a serious case of style over substance. Then there's the continuing technical issues I've been facing. Everything was either not working or I couldn't find it. The Apple II is serious becoming my most hated system. So, I fell upon another MSX game from Namco. Which didn't work at first. Who knew this could be so stressful?

And for all that time my reward? Its just a generic arcade-style top-down shooter. Its Berzerk, but its a single area and the enemies pour out like Targ. They start off dumb but start tracking you as they stay alive. They shoot at you, but you can shoot their shots. Its sort of intense, but at the same time half my deaths were because I was nodding off. Its not terribly interesting to talk about and its not terribly interesting to play.
It gets a 7, 1 in Weapons, Enemies, Graphics and Sound, plus a 3 in Agency. Its got some fluid controls, but I'm not entirely confident that my failures aren't a little bit influenced by those controls. Also, aiming and moving is tied together.

There are 7 games left in 1981. Well, 11, but I couldn't find 4 Apple II games at all. I'm not going to cry myself to sleep over that. Nor am I going to cry myself to sleep if I don't get an emulator working for the 8-bit Atari computers. The two remaining titles of interest this year are Tempest and Yars Revenge, both of which are going to be on the end.

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