Saturday, April 25, 2020

Midwinter: Extreme Cold Weather

Its pretty easy to look at me restarting the game twice as a method of failure. I guess that's a fair statement. Inability to continue after suffering losses. Its one of the reasons why in my own games, I don't make the after effects of your failures readily apparent. Which is something more games should do. Or do it early and have a whole half of the game dedicated to that section. Is it because most people refuse to lose in a non-pride protecting way? I.E., I didn't lose, I merely gave up.
The next few minutes don't prove me that I'm not just doing that. I start off at a place with a nice snowbuggy, and outside is one, maybe two enemy buggies. Since this is literally just me starting out, I reload over the course of the half-dozen times I lose the buggy. After a pathetic showing, I head southeast, which is held by the enemy. Fortunately, this time I know what I'm doing.
You see, you can't reclaim towns, but you can blow up the places a prisoner is held. This let's you recruit the prisoner as if you just casually walked up to them. Fortunately, Sarge Wales here doesn't seem to have an issue with Stark, but I'm sure someone else would complain despite nearly dying to the enemy. What this is, right now, is just two guys in a snowbuggy.
So, without much wisdom in the idea. I decide to head east, roughly the location of the enemy's base, the two nearest recruitable characters seem unlikely to join up with either of the two guys I have right now. Although halfway there I decide to take a detour north east, as the town isn't out of my way and you never know. It might be held and I can do some damage to their supplies. I also take out the production plant here, because I should be doing that.
This takes more time than I really wanted to engage in. Apparently, I can't drive a snowbuggy without its skis reaching for the sky. Whenever I do, I forget Llewellyn or I accidentally press the SOS button, which is the most useless thing. Its like getting captured, but you choose to do it. Anyway, Flint, the guy I assumed wouldn't join up with two policemen, doesn't join up. Because he definitely hates Flint and probably dislike Stark. I do get some more explosives for Stark, dunno about Llewellyn. Anyway, onward to the next town.
There, I basically only destroy some things. This is where the two split up, with Llewellyn going northwest, to recruit some people, and Stark going east, to use his explosives, assuming he has any left. I love it when games are so descriptive about how much of something I have.
Another fun two in-game hours pass. I'm pretty sure I crashed my snowbuggy twenty times. I'm going to put this down at me being horrible at driving in this game, not anything to do the quality itself. Well, maybe all the sudden dives are crap, but otherwise. Write a bunch about people not accepting failures and don't accept failure yourself. On the other hand, some of these crashes don't make any sense and some of these smooth sailing doesn't. Which is the only interesting thing that happened, except some of the time I got crushed by an enemy snowbuggy firing a single missile.
The next two in-game hours consist of a lot of tedium on my part. This is what I'd like to call, "Save-scumming to get over a mountain". Which is, you know, a very good idea for very smart people. Stark is climbing over a very tall mountain in order to reach a town...I guess, at the top of a mountain to destroy a radio tower. There's no real point on my end for this. Climbing down the mountain is also so rage inducing, but at least Stark is back on solid ground and near the enemy's area. It'll be interesting to see how this part goes.
Meanwhile, despite crashing his buggy, Llewellyn journeys fine. Almost had to rest, but fine. There, he meets the ski instructor Caygill. Fortunately, she has no problems with the local rozzers, but if I brought Dr. Revel instead she'd probably tell him to go soak his head. The manual says that because Caygill is a civilian, she won't attract as much attention from the enemy. Additionally, I suspect very few characters will say no to an attractive blonde woman.
And its here I shall stop. I'll plan my next actions around this new character.

This Session: 3 hours

Total Time: 7 hours

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