Thursday, April 30, 2020

Galactic Empire: Witty Title Number 4

Galactic Empire puts me in a curious position. I haven't reached that far yet, I'm reluctant to continue, and yet, I'm the only one in a position to keep hacking away at this. It doesn't take a genius to figure out my focus on Midwinter is due to me being able to actually get something done, even if I crash out this time too. Looking back on this, I am trying to break down a brick wall with a diamond toothpick and I don't know if I'm going to make it. What do I do against a soldier invulnerable to my attempts at attacking and also necessary to defeat to advance? I guess there must be some way to advance without violence that I missed. Might as well do it in the DOS version now, since the Amiga is a bust. This turns out to be a wise move on my part, as it turns out that I missed a place for the manual. The manual doesn't tell me much beyond flavor text, I've gotten as far as the manual will help me.
To get us up to speed, Ether is undergoing a civil war between multiple factions, one are the Scarlet Militia, currently the new regime, a group of racist anti-imperalistic militias against the Empire, lead by Voltar, who won't be happy to meet me. Another is the Tekno faction, divided between one that opposes Voltar's new regime and one who just want dosh. Non-humans are not in favor of Voltar's regime either, but they aren't organized.
Part of the problem of this civil war is that Ether's economy is balanced around tourism, specifically the weird wildlife. The wildlife is short-lived, all carnivores, capable of breeding with any other native of the planet, and quite capable of destroying my puny person transport. The planet has little in the way of resources and few craftsmen and needs off-world help in this regard. Effectively, this would be like a bunch of white people taking over Hawaii and declaring an end to the reign of the American Pig-Dogs.
Starting the game gives me a new meaning to the intro, and I even discover that this version has music! The DOS version of a 1990 game is better. Just think, two years from now, in Ween: The Prophecy, the opposite would be true. The game promises the ability to have a better draw distance as long as my computer is beefy enough. Unfortunately, the game doesn't run in DOSbox. At all. Music hangs, nothing happens. The game won't run, at all. I want to continue this by mentioning the manual says the number of FPS you get is 8. 8. This explains a number of things, most of all its obscurity. I've had problems with Corporation by Eidos too, but that has a console port. Back to the Amiga...
I guess I'm wrong in that I didn't learn anything from the manual. The Arachnopistol stuns people, in a way that armor can't protect against. I'm better suited to using the flamethrower on unprotected targets. He wasn't guarding anything, so his presence and this exercise was completely pointless. But there are other paths.
Pumping a merchant for information reveals nothing I didn't already know, except that "the greens are against us". No option was available for asking about that. Another faction, or internal name for the Tekno split?
I journey past another soldier, unclear if he is my enemy or not. It doesn't matter, no, what matters is that I have advanced through the game! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! It takes a good time. I'll be on the surface of Ether. All the progress, it finally paid off! Will I have to fight more soldiers where I'm dropped off?
Look at that. Look at this! Not a single place on the internet shows a yellow interior. That means one of two things. One, I have gotten as far as anyone has decided to show, or two, this is going to change when I go outside. I think people would show that loading screen, so I'm betting the later. There's more shown in the area I've just been to elsewhere, but nobody's been here.
What the hell is this supposed to be? I can't interact with it. No matter, I have things to see.
Look at that! Look at that plant! Damn, I should have gotten a radar up there. I'm sure I'll find something eventually. HAHAHAHAHA! I'm free! Free to enjoy whatever I want. Well, I better try to advance my main quest, as it were. I'll try to not kill soldiers now, but I intend on keeping my objective against Voltar, unless a plot twist comes up. I genuinely don't know what's going to happen here.
That also applies to where do I go now, but at least now I feel like I have some choice in the matter. This does lead to me not knowing where to go or what is what. The area seems to have nothing in a certain radius, and forbidden zones further out. This building offers a complete service, convenient if I need to repair. Hopefully I didn't burn through it with one use. Now, I might as well enter the forbidden zone. What's going to happen, eh?
Amazing. Is the reason why nobody got here because nothing was here? I think I'll have to ponder that question. Actually, another one, if the HUD is supposed to be me viewing the back of the main character's head, why does it still show up outside. I realize the answer to that is it costs money, but...

This Session: 1 hour

Time: 5 hours

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