Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Blake Stone: Cargo Storage and Processing

Oh...good, the menu music. That's the sign that someone hasn't done enough music. Which is fitting, since as a level this is a sign that someone ran out of ideas. A giant crate room. That's it. That's a third of the level real estate. Its not hard, its just a few guards wandering around. Some scientists too, thankfully mostly non-informants. This level is just already open. I'm sure I'll find the red key somewhere out in the open.
There's a new enemy here, wandering barrels of radioactive goo. I'm sure they have a name, but it doesn't matter. You shoot them, they drop radioactive puddles. Back to the regularly scheduled 75% of the level. There's a switch, but its one of those fun things that activate something else. So there's a different barrier activated. That's about it for the interior of this level. No, seriously, 75% of the level is taken up this monstrosity of a cargo storage.
In a side area I can access, I come across more hostile scientists and guards. Its a tense battle, if I didn't eat a steak I found in the middle of the cargo storage earlier, I would have been toast. The level is not generous with ammo. At least this room is a cafeteria, one not nearly depleted of health items. I continue, through what could be described as various hallways. One of which has a weird series of secret rooms, including a switch I've already turned off. Curious.
Finally, a friendly scientist. I'll ignore that he's with several hostile ones and he's, yet another informant, telling me things I already know. More weird science-y rooms, and frequent appearances of enemies right in front of the door.
So that's where the switch activated. And funny, its the exit card. I guess I was wrong. Another cafeteria, funny thing, but whatever. More guards, I swear these guys are getting smarter. They're trying to run away, and some of them seem to be waiting behind corners. After a couple of electrical barriers, containing alien guards, there's a yellow key area. Which is funny, since the area after that already leads to one-way door.
With that, I've more or less cleared out the level, there's another guard, and then a secret with some money in it. But those are not very hard to find. No, what's screwed me is that I'm nearly dead. I've got nearly full ammo though, which is a nice thing. So, after a brief journey through the earlier levels for a scrap of health, I enter the next level.
Correction and Detention? What, another prison and purge area? The level opens up with three doors and a pair of guards. At this point it gets tricky, because I don't have a lot of health, and most of the doors lead to areas with turrets, causing me to switch up my attacks.
I take the western door, hallway, the aforementioned turret hiding behind a pair of guards. The rooms it lead to are what I assume are the correction part of the floor. There's a lot of dead bodies here, even some guards and aliens. Naturally, there are no secrets inside this area. Plenty of ammo, but that only prevents me from having a different problem. Blood on the walls is getting to be a very uninteresting bit of color.
North, guards, and a blessed medikit. Not even a single turret. How nice it is to not get horribly killed. There's also this statue. No idea what its supposed to be. The next room is full of scientists, some informants. Helpfully, they tell me that Goldfire is killing all the informants. How useful it is to get this information I haven't already known by now.
Once again my journey turns into a clusterbomb. Guards wandering through hallways, through doors. That means as soon as I kill one group in one room, another group awakens because the door was open, which repeats itself a few times. The only health room is a well-guarded cafeteria, by the point I manage to break in, I'm down to uncomfortable levels of ammo. I think Jim and Mike planned this.
The eastern second of the floor starts simple enough, a few guards. It quickly turns...interesting. A teleporter, not to the secret floor, but to a different part of the level. I don't understand it myself, I'm not the one building a secret asteroid base though. It seems pointless anyway, the only reason you can't walk to the other section is because there's a pillar in the way. I guess this is the correction part, as there's a big computer room with informants in it. I wouldn't put Goldfire above brainwashing.

Back on track, the northern area has not a lot of treasure, but quite a few guards and aliens. Its just one group after another, until I make it to another group of cells. Some filled, some empty, all with corpses inside. That's the level, everything is done. This session felt like a whole lot of nothing. I'm low on ammo, which will make the next level fun. Curiously, an informant tells me about some genetic guards. I have no idea what the hell that is, probably a reference to the aliens I've already killed or perhaps a subtle hook for the next game.

This Session: 1 hour

Total Time: 16 hours

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