Thursday, August 20, 2020

Blake Stone: Personnel Training and Briefing

Another new music track. Not bad, a little minimalistic. And what is with that title? Shouldn't this have been on Earth? No matter. A simple hallway outside the elevator. But part of the wall are barriers, untoggleable ones. This is clever...if this wasn't supposedly a training level. Visible behind the barriers are the red key and a PDU. The player finds the PDU with a secret, I assume, and the one-way doors take the player through the red card area.
The first inner area dissuades my notion. The whole training bit honestly seems find, I'm sure the one-way doors are some weird off bit. The side rooms here are big, open and full of guards. I'm sure Goldfire will pop up somewhere around here.
Oh, good, the entire level is just opened up. Hang on, I think I can enter the PDU area from here. It has a few guards, nothing of trouble. Now I have the ultimate weapon. Surprisingly the big hallway doesn't turn out to be a clusterbomb, most of the guards are on silent. So I go back and check some of the areas for secrets.
I find one, a series of rooms with doors. The usual mixture of human guards and riflemen, or Star Sentinels, as I forget to mention. One nearly gets me, but fortunately there was a vending machine that's full of stock for once. Which is very nice. It breaks into a hallway.
The hallway contains a series of rooms, in each, a single guard, either a sentinel or a trooper. One of them seems to be a hostage situation, containing two scientists, informants this time. This is honestly very curious because this is the first time a "real" secret has popped up like this and its basically nothing. The two scientists are the only informants here, so now I don't need to worry about holding back.
The second I advance from where I was at the big hallway, a swarm of guards and sentinels descend upon me like locusts. It becomes a weird groove thing. I advance, kill a bunch, nothing for a while, then boom. It gets even weirder at the end, where there's another scientist, an informant. What. I killed one accidentally and was at 50%. Both were informants. Don't tell me I killed them both and now there's another one? Well, anyway, at this point I can finish the level, the end of the corridor leads back to the exit. So let's see what I missed.
In the center, there's a room that has three doors exiting it. Well, it seems like one. Its two, one ammo room and one biohazard room. There's nothing of any value beyond that. Anyway...
To the west, a hallway that's a cross between an ambush area and a biohazard storage. I don't think any amount of enhancement is going to improve that area. Next door is, after the trademark twisted corridor, a pod room. I find a secret, and would you guess its another big hallway with rooms inside? Its mostly just health items, the guards inside are weaker.
Continuing to work my way east, another open room, a treasury with a mutant, then another biohazard room, sentinel. Sure are a lot of those. Another treasury, two werewolves and an informant. Thanks friend. Another treasure room, one mutant, then what I guess is a medical bay, with a guard. At some point I end up accidentally killing an informant, and I haven't the faintest idea how. Oh, well, a reload later and everything is peachy.

This Session: 1 hour

Total Time: 15 hours

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