Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Blake Stone: Space Trak Transport

The opening level's theme. How quaint. Exiting the elevator, the room is an arena full of turrets, and soon enough Goldfire. The floor's boss battle, and I'm sure every other boss battle, works by having Goldfire eat a full charge of PDU, drop a key, then the real boss is behind the locked door. As I say this, I get ambushed by a few robots hiding around, and get legitimately down to the auto-charge pistol.
I find it funny that despite most Wolf-clones not actually requiring secrets, most boss fights kind of do. The secrets hidden around every boss arena usually contain enough ammo to kill the boss and his cohorts if you somehow managed to run out on the previous floors. I suppose this is a side-effect of the pistol start ideal. Here, that can be a bit of a problem. Goldfire respawns, as he does, but respawning here he keeps having that full health.
So the spider-guardian. I think that's what he's called. He shoots six gobs of acid, that's really one attack. Given the giant barrier in the middle of the room, so long as one kills the regular alien guards before they attack, there's nothing much to it here. There's a secret inside the big barrier too, if you're that desperate.
There are two big arenas, and that's effectively the level. This is the episode complete. But wait, there's another level and half the map is missing. Unsurprisingly, like every other level, this is full of secrets. Here, its a bunch of huge arenas full of enemies. All that ammo here is going to be used effectively against someone other than Dr. Goldfire.
Well, I say huge arenas, but the second key opens a door to a huge corridor that takes up most of the map. Turrets too, so no spamming the PDU and hoping everything goes well. Its a seriously long corridor, like covering half the outside area.
At the end, a pair of round arenas, full of enemies and containing a single key each. How helpful. Which leads me to having to go back around after clearing them out, to the original area. The two locked arenas are more treasure rooms and contain the last enemies. After a few more secrets, I have 100%...everything. But that feels weird not doing the last floor, so one last time.
Secret Alien Chambers...there's going to be a plasma generator here. Two scientists, one informant, one not. Ah, peaceful resolutions to conflicts, how rare they are. Then, checking the walls for secrets, I am thrust into a series of secrets full of treasure. I swear I was at five million last level.
The normal way of continuing the level...which is funny since none of this is necessary...contains the usual mix of aliens and turrets. Which now contains drones I guess. I wonder how the latter episodes are going to mix it up. This is fun now, but could get tedious if overplayed.
At the northwestern section of the map I find a diamond shaped secret room. These are always fascinating. This one is light on enemies, at first. Curiously, its two linked together, neither having any treasure. The second, naturally, features a plasma generator. They kill me I reload and pick a different area. At this point I more or less run out of ammo, running on mere fumes. Thanks for that, boys. It'd be worse if I actually fought the plasma things, there's barely any ammo there.
Continuing into the last section, which is a crate-themed area. Turrets and monster cans. Interesting combo. Very tricky at the moment, due to the aforementioned lack of ammo. I manage to stop a pod monster with the self-charging weapon, but get gunned down by Goldfire walking back to a source of health. Might as well harvest some ammo from an earlier floor. The reason why I haven't done that is...well, I haven't felt the need.
Now the plasma generators. As I mentioned previously, you shoot one, another one spawns. At earlier difficulties, this is delayed, but not at expert. To cap matters off, there's a secret within this one RIGHT NEXT to the generators. And naturally, once inside, I realize my folly. The ammo and health were inside here. And there's another one in the previous diamond. These are vital secrets too, they have a single gold bar inside them.
The end is just a simple congratulation screen. Goldfire is ramping up his production of mutants...and...we have to go destroy them. This is just the plot of Wolfenstein without the nazis. Nevermind, join me and my 7.2 million point score in the next mission.

This Session: 2 hours

Total Time: 11.5 hours

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