Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Blake Stone: General Storage and Operations

Hey, a new music track. You know where that would have been nice? E2M1. Its actually nice for once. Starting area, four doors, four ways to die horrible. At least there's two vending machines, so I'll at least die after burning through all my ammo and shaking around a gun like a fool.
I take the eastern path. Two more doors, so I pick the continuous theme. Inside, treasure, out in the open, albeit guarded by a guard. This looks like a good place to hide some secrets, I think as I look for some. Lo and behold, Wolfenstein 3D treasure. Man, Jim and Mike sure get iD's used leftovers a lot, don't they?
It gets better. I find another secret, one containing two doors. So I think this is an ambush for another half of the map. I open the doors, and they have guards, ready to attack. Luckily, I am victorious once again. That's about it for this half of the room, what about the other half? The first secret is some weird room with a single gold bar and a pool of blood. Then the next secret has two Star Troopers. They're not a lot of fun without PDUs. I don't know if I ever killed them without PDUs before.
Back on the normal path, I'm guessing narrow twisting hallways are going to be a staple of this episode, I slowly advance. Cautiously, I must add, since I am very low on ammo. One room goes by, curiously empty, then a room full of 4 scientists. You know, they're saying the same thing they said last level. Some experiments have broken free. I've been to two levels, there hasn't been anything I'd call "broken free". This is a lot of ominous bull for a high quality, but still by the numbers FPS.
Oh, good, its an American werewolf in space. I have no ammo after the first one. I manage to kill one with the self-charging pistol, but get killed because a third one is behind me. I didn't realize this level would be such an endurance run.
I run back, and try a different path, a cafeteria. This one is full of enemies, but at least ones that drop ammo. Now I have 2% ammo, but at least I cleared another room. There's a doorway here, one I hoped would lead to another big room, maybe with ammo. But its another hall. With regular guards. I find out a nice thing here, guards can get stunlocked by the self-charging weapon. Even a room filled with treasure, right out in the open.
Another computer room, some scientists. A helpful little tip that should have been said in the first episode. A little twisting around in a hallway later and I'm in a room with half-ammo. My choice of doors from here reveals another room with a small amount of enemies. Interestingly, there are switchless electrical barriers in the middle of the room.
If I were giving names to these entries instead of just using the floor names, I'd call this one, "Scientists say Stupid Stuff I Solved". Befitting two messages on this floor telling me something anyone who played the first episode could have already figured out. This is getting into the standard way a Wolf-clone seems to work for me, I either have ammo or health. Now, I have ammo, but not much health. Well, I don't know where any health is at the moment, but I'm mostly full up. A secret solved my ammo problems though.
The next room. Man, the next room. Half a dozen scientists, electrical barriers, and turrets. Its set up so you can't see the turrets right away, but you can see scientists, and if you're really clever you might just shoot them instead of waiting for them to expose themselves. On the second attempt the barriers actually kick my ass, so I run away in desperate hope of finding a vending machine with something in it. An enemy scientist is actually wandering around as I walk back, which catches me off-guard.
Back again, I finish advancing, getting hurt by another scientist I didn't think was an enemy, they're getting clever. So there are two side areas here, each blocked by an electric barrier, with the switch in easy reach. Each area has a robot there, easy to take out one, but sandwiched is annoying. I'm down on health again, joy. The areas are rather boring, but they contain crates so I imagine that's the real reason. One has a door, which I naturally take. Its a treasure room.
This leaves me mostly the northern section, and a quick peak before getting killed reveals its a big room full of many enemies. So I decide to backtrack and maybe find some health. My first choice is the last door in the opening section. Which is full of vending machines, which quickly run out of food. Much be right after lunch. So, I go back to the northeast, this is actually a different section. Killing off the werewolves I backed off from earlier. There are around four doors here.
The southern and luckily my first choice, is full of ammo. There are three north, two are cells, with ammo, a werewolf and a couple of Xylan orbs. I didn't mention the sound these make, which while a little noisy and weird, are perfect for the noise a valuable treasure makes. That's the sort of thing you want your point items to give. Door number three leads to roughly the whole big northern section. It is locked off from the north western section.

 The northwestern section is a clusterbomb. It looks like a dozen guards, of varying severity, not a lot of ammo, but a surprising amount of health. Then there's these Dragon Ball Z looking fellows. They look like one of Frieza's grunts or something. Anyway this area is long, and there's a huge side-tunnel extending throughout the middle of the level. Explains the lack of secrets. I assume I'm going to bite the dust, but luckily the great score barrier gives me a million points and full health+ammo.
One area is...and I kid you not, a biohazard room with vending machines in it. I just know that whichever of the two leads designed this level was just cackling when he put it down. There's a switch too. Something tells me its going to be very important.
Grand hallway down the middle. Just some robots, its not that grand. Turning the corner, the exit card. Now...I've seen everything...and I'm still missing 2% of enemies and points. Turns out, one of the canisters in the biohazard cafe was openable and I just missed it. Oh, well. Onward.

This Session: 1.5 hours

Total Time: 14 hours

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