Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Isle of the Dead: Cheating, and a Rough Map of the Game

Last time, I had explored the entire isle to the best of my ability. Problem is, with this game there's some very visually invisible doors. Normally, I wouldn't do this, but in the interest of actually finishing this thing, I have attempted to document the map of the game, and a big visual bonus. I modified some graphics.
In order to make the game look like this, you'll need to go to the cels3 folder of your game. You'll be picking RTREES1 & 2. Move these to a backup area, copy UNKNOWN (or something that won't visually clash) twice, rename those copies, and blam. One problem solved. You could also take the ones from the censored version. Viola, problem of the doors solved. That made this partially easier. I still needed a way to know where I was going. I was clear on the beach part of the game, but so was everyone. The interior of the game was a confusingly made mess that probably made sense to the developers at the time, but now no one knows. Its also worth pointing out that if you filled out the sheet on paper, you would end up with a mess, as the isle doesn't cleanly conform to an accurate rendering.
As can be understood, the game tries to fit everything into the actual space. Now, it isn't perfect, but can you imagine this game with an accurate beach? Yugh. Further, there are several walkable paths that can't be engaged with. These seem to be consistent across all versions, but you don't need them to complete the game. The one on the left side seems to lead to some unreachable place. There must be some unreachable map somewhere. The ones on the right link together via a map related to the endgame. You can't actually go into that area even if you're one second away from winning the game.
I didn't document it at the time, but the power supply box is in the little fenced off area in the south. SE portion of beach, southern exit, then left. The one that's a in-level yellow area. You'll need the rifle to destroy it, but don't think you're going to be clever by winning the game by skipping portions of it, you'll end up screwed if you do.
There's also the revelation that this is a really freaking small game. Without the constant stream of pointless fighting, you could beat this game in under 20 minutes. Not only are the enemies padding, they're the paddingest anyone has padded anything since the overstuffed chair.
I'd also like to add that I didn't fill in the cave system nor the fortress. The cave system you don't need to go more than one area deep. The fortress, well, once you get there, its smooth sailing. The smiley face cave because that thing is really easy to understand.

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