Saturday, February 8, 2020

Mod 2: Wolfenstein: The Original Missions

Name:Wolfenstein: The Original Missions
Mod for:Doom
Modder:Las Rojas
Time:1 hour and 30 minutes (unfinished)

I don't know what I can lay the blame on here. Myself? Eh. I guess. This ended up being a mission in torture. At the end of my Wolfenstein 3D review, I am hopeful. Meanwhile, here at just the fourth Wolfenstein related game, I'm exhausted. What good have I missed? I've got nothing much to say about it. Its Wolfenstein, with Doom game logic. That works in places and others...not so much.
The same as Wolfenstein. 2/10

The same as Wolfenstein. 4/10.

I realize there were only minor changes, but some of the changes are not good changes. I should not have to deal with elevators in a game that doesn't deal with them. While LZWolf is putting in-level elevator support, its the quick kind. Also, those secret levels. 2/10

There's kind of a charming atmosphere to this despite the quality issues. Which I guess is code for it's better than the sum of its parts. Something made me want to complete the entire game, again, for the fourth time. There's something charming about a colorful game about killing nazis. 0/10

With Doom's lighting engine the game feels wrong. Unnecessary. Plus the odd graphical improvements from the original artwork looks weird. 4/10

A mismatch of sounds that were taken from random other games, but I'm sure in actuality were taken from Wolfenstein Mac. Music is going to be bad depending on your soundfont. 3/10

A 15 out of 60. I think I'll fudge the math on that to a 14. That makes it the best mod so far. Which isn't shocking because the other competition is Barneystein.

What's this? Nocturnal Missions is next on my mod list? Eh....I guess I should see the, that's how...ah. Who knows what's next. Besides not Wolfenstein. Maybe...maybe something anime-related.

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