Thursday, February 6, 2020

WolfenDoom: The Original Missions: Off the Rails

Now, we move onto the second episode. The one where things go south. I guess I enjoy the first episode, but that's just because I keep coming back to it. I think I've played this episode like 2, 3 times. I think that was more because I could, not really because I wanted to.
Hmm, I remember this one. The one with a big gap of nothing at the start before the big reveal of mutants. Or undead as I call them, because there's nothing really mutanty about Frankenstein's monster. I wander through the level vainly trying to find the one meant to sneak up on me, before stumbling into the level exit. Upon which, I provide a noble effort, but ultimately get killed. At first glance, the undead still seem a credible threat. They still suffer from not being as quick on the draw, but they'll kill you if you don't stop them quickly.
Despite finding all the rooms and secrets, I left three enemies alive...somehow.
At first I thought this was the Pac-Man level, but no, that's Episode 4, I think. This is just a blue maze. The music track's nice in my soundfont for once. That's good. Sounds like it was in some other Apogee game though.
The level exit's close to the start, because most of the level is behind secret doors.
Ah, the clever ambush level. Starts off with a couple of guys behind you, but not immediately behind you. Nothing much of interest beyond a window outdoors that shows that I am indeed getting higher. Oh, and can't forget the broken promise about secrets.
At this point, despite playing around 15 minutes, felt the urge to do LITERALLY anything else. I'd scrap this completely and just switch to a total overview, but there are some new levels in this. Let's see about them.
Map 32:
Why 32 instead of 31? They apparently link back and forth so which one you pick is arbitary, except this is the easier of the two. It appears to be a take on Dead Simple from Doom 2. Except its all Trans Grossman. Except due to a weird quirk they don't seem to be able to shoot. So you can just knife them. Try that anywhere else and you'll be dead.
Then you get to the outside ring and get slaughtered. There are four bosses in corridors that open when switches are pressed, and four bosses in corner pillars outside. I'm sure there's some way to beat this legit, but as my patience was already gone, I just cheated my way through. There's four switches on the boss pillars, and one opens the level exit.
Map 31:
There is no way to get to either of these maps as far as I can tell. Which is good, because they're bad. This one is some weird swamp cavern full of the undead. There are some rooms on the side full of more mutants. Oh, man, this is bad.

I guess I'll talk about my overall opinion next time.

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