Saturday, May 2, 2020

Midwinter: Everybody's Dead, Psyche

Perhaps I should have put more thought into it beforehand, but its clear I need some kind of strategy to beat this strategy game. Obviously this plan of hoping I stumble upon the bad dude's lair only has luck in its favor. So, instead, I should take out all the radio stations, since I have no real way of protecting areas from attack. And hope that with a sudden burst of people, I can overwhelm the enemy's stockpiles. The following takes place over the course of 6 in-game hours.
The problem with this is that the radio stations aren't fully shown on map, as you can see in this helpful screenshot I took. Only the individual ones, out by their lonesome. The ones in settlements are very clearly marked. There's only one near Stark, back up north at the top of a mountain. Man, that's going to suck going up, but at least he can journey elsewhere quickly. The rest are scattered around, quite loosely.
So, for Stark, its a harsh journey back the way he came, straight north. At least this time, no one is chasing him. Until the second situation report, when he's promptly captured. Oh, I'm sorry, the game just said everyone was captured for some reason? What the hell? He blows up a factory to end this segment.
Llewllyn's journey starts off heading southeast from the central valley toward another valley just within Masters territory, through a gap in a mountain range. He gets there uneventfully, where he blows up the first radio station. At this point, I realize that I left Mueller behind when I mean to bring him with, separating characters I didn't yet want to separate. His car flips sometime around the journey to the second radio station. No matter, that was inevitable. Back to the swift Welshman.
PC Mueller, having been accidentally left behind, is forced to have a new plan. Blow up nearby enemy equipment. First, get the explosives, northwest, then go south, blow up a factory. Works well, but without anything further in the area, I have him go southeast.
Caygill starts by going north to PC Doughty, as the only radio station near her is far away northeast. Doughty joins and quickly the two seperate. After leaving that settlement, Caygill is besieged upon by the Masters's troops, quite a few of them. I think its a shame that the game doesn't count each character's kills, because she got at least a half dozen of them. Holy cow. Then she has to go back right away because the enemy's troops captured the town, and I'm not letting Doughty just rot.
Kristiansen, being at the same place as Caygill, goes southwest instead of southeast. I learn something about driving in this game. Don't drive on the side of a mountain. I feel like that's something very logical in the way tou crash. As long as you aren't doing some weird horizontal turn, its fine. He manages to blow up one radio no problem.
PC Wright was back at a cable car last time, placed so I could have him hangglide somewhere helpful. I decide east. If he makes it far, he'll be of more use in the war effort. If he doesn't, he'll be closer to a recruitable character. Unsurprisingly, he doesn't get far, and the ground is swarming with enemies, none of which he hits. With anything. Well, he gets one with a grenade. So much for being average, more like seemingly good, really bad. He reaches one town, held by the enemy, naturally, and blows up an ally out of jail. No doubt this ally will refuse to join us.
PC Cropper is left at the northwestern heatmine as protection. He instantly has to spring into action. Oh, I'm sorry, I mean he fights in vain to do so. Great, half a dozen guys down for nothing. Two towns down. That's with a bit of the ol' save-scumming because I lost my ride more than a few times.
Last time, Jenny was on the far north-western end of the island, a place that will be the last stand for PC Cropper, as this is where he'll stay. Both of the next characters Jenny might be able to recruit are on the far end of the island. Well, Jenny is going to pick after she rests. To the northeast, where she bombs a radio station. She's going to have issues.
Three radio stations left. Not going to matter much, I think. Most of the far ones are going to be of no help, and most of the close ones are going to be captured. Victory is coming for someone next time, will it be me, or General Masters? There's also something to be said about moving any PCs out of their stations before continuing.

This Session: 2 hours

Total Time: 13 hours

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