Saturday, May 30, 2020

Catacomb Armageddon: Dark Lanes of Destiny

The Demons Hold. We're here fairly quickly. Usually that's a sign the end was nigh. And a demon is there...attacking some kind of forcefield. This looks like a ship more than a demons hold. And the demons have two heads. Probably still damage eaters. Door to my left locked, door to the right locked. All the walls are solid. Good. Just what I need. The force field, being the first of its kind to do damage to the player as they're in a certain tile*, eats up health like no one's business. As does the demon. I can't even stunlock him properly. Two potions down. Joy.
More forcefields...more demons. Don't tell me I have to go in there? At the end of the hall, a locked door and a "hidden" door. Just a few more demons and some treasure it really wasn't worth getting. No choice. Nothing out and about in the place, just some destructible walls. That means going in. They're not difficult to kill, they just have a good shot at hurting you.
Oh...good. Well...I guess I'm going to need those. Only one of the cells has the necessary items to advance. Only two demons necessary. I say necessary, but I know the gem is going to be around here somewhere, and I can't see them on my radar yet...I'm going to need to. The room you need the key for on this side has a whole bunch of demons. Its great. Just great.
Hallway 2, only two cells and a single locked door, no doubt where another horde lie. This one also has the key easy to access, only guarded by a single demon, behind a locked door. I check the other room anyway. I think this game has the possibility of hurting my hands with how quickly I have to press the ctrl key. The second cell has another locked door, and what do you know, the key to there is inside the other locked room. Six demons later and I'm back on my journey through this place.
I see...a small mercy on the developers part. I wonder if I'll still feel the same way about the ants after this journey?
Right at the start. Anyway, four corridors. Four ways to win. Three keys and three doors, if I'm anticipating the dev properly. I'll pick one...nothing important. Just another hallway with ants. Dead ants. Right. This looks like an exploding wall.
Huh, more enemies...look like troll reskins. I realize those were demon palettes, but work with me here. Probably just tough to kill...THEY EXPLODE?
...They explode. They get close, they expand their torso, they explode. Okay. The rest of this, apparently southern area is filled with more exploding doors than I can count. This part loops back into the opening chamber. Good, just what I need.
There are several big egg rooms. They're a bit intimidating to enter, but not especially difficult. More of the explodey goblins appear sometimes, unsure if they actually explode or just die that way. I have yet to fight them in open combat yet. Mostly they seem to get hit by stray exterminator shots.
I make my way north. I've got two keys, and I guess I have everything south of here. They reuse the word musty a lot on this level. I find a western tunnel I must have missed, and another pair of explodey goblins. Only they explode on death, and don't damage you. They damage you by attacking. I find the level exit, just by turning around at the end of a tunnel. Oh, well. Next place is Halls of the Wretched Pox. I'll call them Pox, then.
I guess it is a hall, not just a maze. The Pox, while a big player, are soon overshadowed by evil eyes. And there are a lot of them. You've got the first hallway, which leads into the second hallway in a sort of {} shape. Then you've got the little side areas. The ones in the first are sort of weird, but not too out of place. Then in the second, you've got little halls jutting out, with explodey walls hiding all sorts of goodies, then more fun on the side, with enemies in side treasure rooms on top of everything.
After surviving all that. Surviving a horde of pox and evil eyes. Ones that always seemed to find another place to hide in. When the last one no longer pitter-pattering in the distance, I come to a door with two keys in my possession. Behind door no. 1, more pox. After a few too many magick missiles, I come across the words I am joyed to hear. Access to the Lair of the Succubus. Looks like we can cross another one off for Catacomb, and I get to see some boobs.
I was not expecting such a drab location. Oh, they're ugly. Maybe not ugly, just plain. They shoot flaming hearts. All together disappointing. A key, three doors. But only one of them shares the same color as mine, so the choice is non-existent.
The enemy mage's missiles are very fast, I thought these were a hitscan kind at first. No matter, these Passages of the Chaste Succubus seem to have just as many of the mages as they do succubi.  One side even has more pox. But considering the succubi...anyway, that's a lot of blood on the walls. I wonder if the devs were laughing as they put them in.
With another key I have two choices. I choose poorly, as my selection takes me to the level end, effectively. I'm sure I can get to the other location...probably. There's still more mages than succubi. I'm sure that will change.
What? Keep of the Pox? Maybe you should have put that in the last level, now known as "Goddamn, not another evil eye". At least the pox aren't lightning fast. Bit of a breather. Not that it was needed, since here, you get a key, walk back to the first door you unlocked, go to the northern side, kill more succubi. I mean, I'm supposed to be a wizard, not a sprinter.
The Twisted Path of the Succubus is neither twisted, nor succubus. The succubus are in the room at the end, and the path, despite making a few turns, is the most straightforward part of the level. With that, I can now reach The Lair of the Evil Eye, which will no doubt feature 6 evil eyes, 15 pox, and 8 succubi. Despite the panic the game puts me in, I still have 40 cures, and enough of the specials.

This session: 1.5 hour

Total Time: 4 hours

*Doom came out at the end of the year, so this is a safe assumption. Also, it accomplishes this by just being an immovable melee enemy.

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