Saturday, May 9, 2020

Midwinter: The Final Countdown

This is it, one way or another this is ending here. General Masters will be defeated, or he will be victorious. His HQ is just right there, southeast central. Unhidden, near a mountain. Stark is the only one near him, and he is still quite a ways away. Kristiansen is realistically the second best option in reaching there before his victory is assured. The rest are currently too scattered and too far away to reach him in a reasonable time. The following takes place of 6 in-game hours, and a little something extra.
Stark's journey begins by backtracking to the cable car, where he does not find a hangglider. Fortunately he is unmolested on his ski down to a garage southeast of him. The drive southeast around the mountain, however, brings a great deal of stress. But, as it turns out, putting the pedal to the metal and turning like an alcoholic completely bypasses everything. It gets dicey at a valley, but he makes it to the enemy's HQ. Does he succeed? Yes, he does.
Davy was not far from the radio when I left off last time, and succeeds in destroying it. I was wise to have Caygill advance to the northeast, as they have captured the last tower. I don't really have anything for him to do at the moment.
Caygill continues her journey northeast. The radio station falls quite quickly, as they left it unguarded. Undoubtedly, this will result in my downfall, as the enemy seems to only move where the player is, and now I have everything. I'm not really sure what I'd even do with everyone, since the game isn't that difficult from a strategy perspective, just a combat one.
Kristiansen and Flint make their way to the western edge of the Masters region. Little resistance, as to be expected, but everything is already destroyed.
Mueller and MacLeod are on the northern edge, and begin chase on the northern have of the region.
Rudzinski, Cropper and Adams, in a village on the northwest side, are not captured, despite the village being captured at some moment. They don't have any explosives and seem unable to do anything to help Jenny's wounds. Well, Jenny does, but I had her rest the first two hours.
Tasker, who I said last time wouldn't be doing any recruiting, fails at recruiting resident fool PC Jackson. With that out of the way, Tasker repairs a snowbuggy in record time.
Here's where I somehow screwed up a bit. You see, I saved after I blew up the enemy's HQ, and then everything is fine. I even saw the victory screen. Or rather a part of it. Pressing my screenshot key caused the game to skip it. I mean, it wasn't exactly thrilling to see, since its a fairly generic victory screen. So, I won. Feels kinda lame. Maybe there's a more interesting way of ending this?
Enter PC Pringle, a man with an unfortunate name and an even more unfortunate backstory. Pringle here is going to find out what happened when you ski into the what I'd say if he wasn't captured. In fact, nearly every PC is captured. So, instead, I'm just going to plunge poor old lady Mrs Randles into the drink. Not out of any malice mind, I just want to find out if you can die, or if they're merely captured. After trying a dozen times, I don't think you can. Each time, the citizens rescue her. There's a certain point that causes the character to be unusable for a time. How disappointing. But I guess the image of an elderly woman trying to kill herself in a post-apocalyptic situation while the people around her keep saving her would make for a pretty funny, if dark film.

This Session: 1 hour

Total Time: 16 hours

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