Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Galactic Empire: Like a Hawk in the Sky

Its time to play my favorite part of Galactic Empire, probably screwing myself over later. Freeing the animals, I might as well, it doesn't matter. Why do I have to stop every thirty feet to recharge my energy? Subtle way of hiding loading times or something? My journey of random directions takes me into an open gate that now blocks me. I think to myself, I better focus on getting that radar from earlier. Only, several other gates are closed despite being open. It seems to me that the entire path is blocked.
In summation, there is nothing forward, there is no way back. There is nothing on the planet, there is seemingly nothing here. I don't even know if the two places are actually different locations or what. Its time to make something I never thought I'd make again. A map. Unfortunately, that means I need that radar, and the only way to get that is to restart.
As I walk through the start again, without everything, I start to think that maybe the radar alone will be enough to deal with the navigation issue. It shows me some interesting things. Either I need to get over there or someone didn't properly build this level. Curiously, some merchants don't seem to care if you rob them blind. Also, I have indeed spent seven and a half hours on the first area of the game, and there is nothing I missed. As I mentioned, the DOS version that I cannot play is quite different than the Amiga version in terms of graphics. Some trickery must be going on resulting in the DOS version appearing to have a city.
The transition screen confirms that I am a huge idiot who doesn't read what little information I have acquired. The one no one else shows as of this time. No matter. I have a radar and I have a desire to see where this game takes me. Unfortunately, there's nothing I haven't already shown. Oh...good. Okay...think, where would I put a badge down here in such a way as to ensure only the most dedicated beat this? Kill the unkillable robot, or in any part of the grass. I'm going to save search every inch for later, because it could be anywhere in that case. The mural from last time might just be the ticket too. I have a service station that doesn't stop resupplying me. If not, well, I saved at the start of this area.
The more I continue the more I think the robot is the key to getting out of here. Unfortunately, the local wildlife proves to be annoying. When you're walking around, it doesn't matter if they shoot at you because they're slow. When you're standing still trying to destroy the undestroyable, they hit way too often. When they die, they leave steaks, which attract more animals. If I pick up all the steaks, I have a dozen steaks. No one in the game has wanted a steak so far, and if someone does, I will shoot them until they die. The arachnopistol proves best against them. The flamethrower, curiously never hits them, and the laser is inaccurate. This might all be due to the animals moving like maniacs. Against the robot, well, neither the laser nor the flamethrower seem to work The arachnopistol is straight out, it uses gas, that while penetrative apparently, won't work against a machine. I have learned one thing from this and one thing alone, I'm not killing this thing today. I don't even know if I'm hitting it. Apparently I am going to be spending hours trying to kill one single enemy. Still, it seems like the mech is refusing to communicate with me, not that they can't communicate. Another reset in the future? Who knows at this point. I can always try one of those newfangled DOSbox clones.

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