Thursday, May 7, 2020

Midwinter: Lust for Power

I start off this session feeling decent about my chances. Sure, I don't know where the Masters troops are, something of a problem in a strategy game...I don't have any ability to stop them for that matter...Just the ability to pointlessly blow up something that might not help me in-between actually trying to take out my enemy. The following takes place over 6 in-game hours.
Stark starts off in the bombed out remains of a factory he blew up. His arms are still broken, which makes a mountain climbing ski trip seem questionable at best. I think he also has only had 6 hours of sleep in the past 36. A tired man, climbing up a mountain, with explosives. What could possibly go wrong!? I think he could use another hour or two. Only an hour. That radio station isn't going to blow itself up. He gets a real rest after the tower disappears.
Sgt Llewellyn was last seen outside a town with a radio, held by the evil General. How much sleep is he running on? Another 6? After blowing up the radio he was sent to destroy, he deserves another hour. I can't actually think of anything to have him do for the time being. More sleepy time it is!
Jenny Adams, grade schooller, previously drove over a mountain, is somehow miserable. Damn uppity children and their desire for sleep and not getting shot at. No rest for the virtuous yet. Lt. Courtenay isn't going to join without assistance. Or the begging of a child for that matter. Well, at least he isn't captured yet. Might as well have Jenny sleep this off, she isn't helping in the near future.
Last time, Caygill unsuccessfully fought off a bunch of enemy vehicles, but it wasn't for a lack of killing them. They captured the town she just left, and with that, Sgt. Doughty. Oh, well, time for her to waste time blowing up everything of value in the town in order to free our friend. Then, the northeast, there's another radio tower there and Kristiansen isn't going to make it to the southern one in time.
PC Muller is heading east, in hopes of freeing fellow PC MacLeod. He's in a snowbuggy, so that shouldn't be difficult as long as the enemy is out gunning for me. That's what actually screws me over? Not blatantly saying there's no way it could go wrong, just mildly hoping it won't be difficult? He takes out three buggies, which amounts to a decimal point of the enemy's army. Naturally, the town is held by the enemy. At least MacLeod actually gives a crap about things. Which means the two of them are going to go into the southeast.
PC Wight is also in a bad mood. I guess being powerless to stop an evil dictator run rampant over your friends and family does things. He asks for Sergeant Tasker's help in stopping the evil Masters army, and thankfully someone isn't putting this down as a rumor. Now, what? I guess I better throw him southeast in the hopes of hitting something.
Flint, seen here as an example of how not to have someone say something.
Kristiansen, who I think has been awake maybe 8 hours, is doing abysmally. Nice. He and his grandson, Hart, continue their trek toward his peddler friend, Flint. Naturally, he joins up, but that gives me one final problem. The tower in the south is a steep climb and there's no cable, nothing. Driving up there would be painful, and having Kristiansen ski up there doubly so. That means its his going to be his grandson climbing up the mountain to blow it up. Yay. Also, I don't mention it often, but the location of this tower is MacLeod Mountain.
The journey there...isn't so bad. A group of snowbuggies are encountered, but nothing really comes of it. Davy Hart is ready to meet his destiny at the top. As to Kristiansen and Flint, they have things to do on the southeastern corner of the isle.
PC Cropper is pointlessly up northwest, where he failed to prevent the enemy from holding a heat mine. I guess I better have him try to recruit those Jenny fails to. Rudzinski proves receptive. In fact, Rudzinski is perhaps the best recruit out of the police force, excepting his fiancee. He's a capable driver and only lacks skills in skiing, a minor problem considering he starts in a garage. I don't actually know if he's any better or not at driving, I just assume he is.
Sarge Tasker has a dead son and a distaste for 'time-servers and faint-hearts', which doesn't matter because he isn't going to be recruiting anybody, instead, he's going to be blowing up stuff. But that means, I gotta get him to a magazine to the south east. More fun skiing with people who suck at skiing. I'm having so much fun!
PC Doughty, after being rescued, heads southeast, because there are only two things I'm any good at, recruiting and blowing up inanimate objects.
At the results screen, I come to the conclusion that this isn't going to end in my favor. Two mines left, only a matter of time before they come crashing down too. On the other hand, that's a pretty sweet hour total. 20 hours even if you hadn't a clue about what you're doing.

This Session: 2 hours

Total Time: 15 hours

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