Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Galactic Empire: I Can't Tell if I'm Happy

Another session of the most boring, yet intriguing FPS in history. Today's adventure, is there anything on Ether? I also learned today that this was based on a French role-playing game, adapted by the developer himself. Apparently he was famous back in the day. Yet, nobody in the English-speaking world knows that. Except for me, and now you. There's also the fun factoid that everybody seems to think Galactic Empire is the same as Advanced Galactic Empire. People have actually played Advanced, too, as evidenced by sites having people talk about AGE, not GE. The silence on this game is deafening, and yet, it holds a distinct place at the root of several trees. It is a root incomprehensible by the tree, but a root nonetheless.
I must have left myself off in a strange place. I don't remember an enclosure. Inside is a bot that just stands there, sometimes shooting at me. He seems invincible. There's nothing in there either. Just more animals I have no idea what to do with. The rest of the area is just completely empty of anything that seems like progress. Just animals, some greenery, and a death zone.
As I return to the way out, I notice the weird thing on the wall I showed last time matches the bot, and it shows it shooting a bird of some kind. Strange, is this the answer to a puzzle? No matter, I'm only going to come back here if I'm desperate. Only, I can't leave, I don't have an exit badge. Isn't that wonderful? Shooting the bird near the bot does nothing and I don't think I can make twenty minutes of trying to get the bot to shoot the bird sound exciting. Fortunately, I saved just before I entered the green zone.
The guy I thought was a soldier last time is in actuality, a citizen. He doesn't say much, but does tell me that its the Greens against the Scarlets. So, I think I've finally pieced together a bit of the puzzle. The Greens are the people I want to contact, the Scarlets are Voltar's evil men, and the Teknos are all neutral, or close to it. Now if only the developer would make the Scarlets red, the Greens green, and the Teknos...well who gives a toss? Now, what's beyond the teleport matrix?
A bot, this one hostile to me. Same one as on the surface, but more aggressive. Whereas the one down below was like, eh, I'll shoot you. This guy is more eager to taste the tasty human meat inside my robot. Behind him? A full service station. So let's review at this point. I have the option of going back down to the surface, flail around for another hour. I can go back and look for something I missed. Because at this point, I know there are at least two places I haven't been to yet, a 2D scene shown on the back of the box, and something approaching that of a town in graphical nature. If only I can reach that point, maybe this'll open up. But how do I get there, what am I doing wrong?
I discover a path forward, inside a zoo enclosure, I find a door needing another card. Remembering that a merchant offered it, I talk to him, hoping to trade for it. He asks for oxygen, something I have plenty of, but when we complete the transaction, he tells me to go to hell. Thinking he refused, I did what I've done against so many other people, kill him. Only, he drops an oxygen tank. I have the card already. Well, he has a couple of grenades on the floor. Oh, well. I wonder if the RPG has rules for things like these.
Just as I'm about to open the gate, I notice something on the ground nearby. I try to pick it up, and then the animals are free. Good, even more reason for the Scarlets to hate me. And the area leads me straight back to the start. I've gone in a circle, in other words...I'm going to be playing this for a year, aren't I? What a wonderful thought.

This Session: 1.5 hours

Total Time:6.5 hours

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